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 what is life?

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PostSubject: what is life?   Thu Apr 23, 2009 7:01 am

what is life?


Plants have life? Oh, they perish one day!
If it dies, is it life?
Life is what that's ever alive!

Animals too have life? They possess
higher life than the dying plants.
Lo, they die also one day!

Humans have life? They seem to bear
higher life than the dying animals.
Behold, they die too!

If it is life, how can it die?
If it is life, why does it perish?
If it can die and perish, what is life?

Life is not life, if death is found in it.
Life is what that lives forever.
Death cannot swallow up life!

What penetrates death- is life!
The invisible instigation of
every outward manifestation- is life!

Uncreated, eternal, perpetual- is life!
World is seeking THIS,
interpreting it as God!
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what is life?
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